Ride Don’t Hide is the largest mental health awareness challenge in Canada. Taking place in communities right accross Canada and raising over $1 million yearly, it’s more than a fundraiser, it’s a movement!

This June, join thousands of riders, walkers, runners, yogis, spinners, dancers, boot campers and more in communities across Canada as we bring mental health into the open. You decide how, and how much to get involved. Ride, run, walk, jump rope, dance...choose your own adventure!

How does it work?


Participate in various health challenges! Ride Don't Hide provides a list of events you can register to. 

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Once registered, track your progress and activity levels in the Ride Don't Hide app, and raise funds for the cause!

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Whether or not you are registered, you can encourage participants by moving with them or make a donation.

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Ready for a challenge?

We’ve partnered with CMHA to present Meditate with Medicine Shoppe. Take a moment to reconnect with yourself by joining our mindfulness challenge. Tune in for livestream guided meditations to help you get started – 5pm EDT on June 21, June 23 and June 25.

Breathe in, breathe out and register now! 


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Ride Don't Hide means bringing Mental Health out of the shadows and out in the open.

Randy Howen
RDH Participant, Calgary

''I have been happy to support my patients with small and large mental health concerns.''

Michelle Van Der Molen

''Mental Health Awareness has never been more important as it is now.''

K. Stefaniuk
RDH Participant

''Your quote could be featured here! Use the #medicineshoppechallenge tag on social media and get your own story featured.''

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