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Pharmacist's Tip

It is possible to rejuvenate your heart and reduce your risk of heart disease by taking steps to alter controllable risk factors, for example, by carefully following your diabetes, high blood pressure, or high cholesterol treatment, and by adopting healthy lifestyle habits.

Hypertension and Self-Monitoring

It can sometimes be difficult for people with high blood pressure to understand or feel the benefits of their treatment. Blood pressure readings are an important indication of whether the treatment for hypertension is working, and can help determine whether your treatment needs to be adjusted. 

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Services in your pharmacy
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If you don’t know which over-the-counter medication to choose to relieve your  symptoms, don’t be shy to ask your pharmacist! 

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If you are taking medication for your heart, your pharmacist could suggest some tests to determine if your blood pressure or your cholesterol are well managed.

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For certain types of medication and conditions like COPD, your pharmacist can make sure that all your medications are combined into one. 

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